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My name is Michael, and I'm a health & fitness enthusiast as well as a fan of technology and sport, plus a self-confessed personal growth addict.

My MISSION is to share mind-blowing ideas and systems of living that will inspire and motivate individuals to wake up from their misery and take full responsibility for their success.

So, as we get along I would be sharing my experience and perspective on health, leisure activities, happiness and personal growth. I believe my top five values in life are Health, Wealth, Happiness, Family and Personal Growth. So, on this site I will journal my experience towards achieving and living my top five values.

In addition, I will try to provide you with trustworthy and detailed unbiased reviews / buyer’s guide on certain physical and digital products related to recreation, health and personal growth. I am aware of the challenges regarding selecting the most appropriate product, as there are loads of similar products in the market today. As a result, TheMainGuide will endeavour to assist consumers to understand the crowded market and keep them informed of the most recent and durable products.

However, my main goal is to share my systems of living, ideas, experience and perception on the things that I value the most. So, if we share similar values, please feel free to comment and share your experience as well. 

My VISION is to see every human live happily and achieve their dreams.

I am an industrious and dedicated civil and environmental engineer, with more than 6 years of significant progressive experience in implementing various civil engineering projects in the new build and refurbishment sectors. Throughout these years I have been able to engage with various institutions at national level as a coordinator and/or engineer on social development projects in various areas across Sierra Leone.

In addition, I am very much passionate about people and I believe in people-centred development as the key driver for ending extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity in a sustainable means. As a result, my developmental values and mission are based on inspiring individuals to become aware of the blocks stopping them from living their dreams.

However, let me make certain that I am yet to become a guru , but I believed in sharing my thoughts and experiences. You can never tell, someone out there might benefit from my research, ideas and experiences.

Therefore, my GOAL for this site is to provide you with objective articles on health, recreation and personal growth with the intent to deliver value to every visitor on my site.

To round up, I would like to thank you for visiting the site and also say that I pride myself on constructive and objective feedback from my visitors. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact me or simply leave a comment on any of my articles and/or contact page with recommendations for site improvement and content quality.

Peace and Blessings!  🙂

Sharing is Caring