Oats – Research, Facts, Nutrients, Recipes, and Potential Health Benefits

Discover the many nutrients and potential health benefits of eating oats. Oat is considered to be among the world healthiest food as they improve your health and weight loss, but also increases your strength and daily energy level.


Therefore, what better way to optimise your health and weight loss journey, as well as increase your strength and energy to easily carry on with your hectic schedules than a hot bowl of freshly cooked oatmeal.

Without any doubt, oatmeal is a superfood. And in today’s post, you’ll discover the numerous health benefits of eating oats, plus creative ways to release the super powers of oatmeal for a maximum benefit on your health and weight loss track.

Health benefits, facts, and research on Oats

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Before we explore some of the most creative ways to cook our oats, let's learn what researchers have found out about the possible health benefits of integrating oats into our daily diets.

Scholars at the Louisiana State University suggested that eating oatmeal in the morning enables you to feel full and satisfied for longer periods of the day than compared to a ready-to-eat breakfast cereal with a similar number of calories. The study concludes that oatmeal boosts appetite control and increases satiation.

The benefits can be credited to the viscosity and hydration properties of its Beta-glucan content; which is one of the healthiest dietary fiber you can consume. Beta-glucan as a soluble fiber has the characteristic to form a thick solution when it blends with liquid in your stomach. This thicken solution can lead to slower digestion as well as a slower increase in blood sugar. As a result, can help suppress hunger and improves your appetite control.


Similar study concludes that oatmeal porridge has a positive impact on gut microbial function and may as well possess potential prebiotic properties. The prebiotic property is a nondigestible food ingredient that encourages the growth of beneficial microorganisms in your intestines.

In addition, the Beta-glucan found in oats can also support and maintain healthy cholesterol levels which is good for a better heart health. It also provides superior complex carbohydrates to energise your daily physical activities like workouts and exercises.

Likewise, it adds a range of essential nutrients to your daily diets, including but not limited to B vitamins, magnesium, and phosphorus.

In summary, the potential health benefits of eating oatmeal include;

It lowers the level of bad cholesterol (LDL), which in turn could reduce the risk of Coronary Artery Disease as well as the risk of Colorectal Cancer.

In addition, it lowers blood pressure, reduces your risk of developing diabetes and may also contribute to improving satiety, diet quality and digestion, and your overall metabolic health.

Nutritional value of oats

Dietary fiber – oats are generally a rich source of beta-glucan fiber. A specific type of fiber that is known to help lower the level of bad cholesterol, boost your appetite control, support stable levels of blood sugar, and helps you lose weight faster.

In addition, oats are rich in Manganese and Molybdenum. They are also an excellent source of biotin, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, vitamin B1, chromium, protein, and Zinc.

Please check here for additional info on an in depth nutritional profile of oats.

Individuals concerns and precautions regarding the consumption of oats

Oats are habitually classified as “gluten grains”, although one may argue that oats do not contain gluten. Yet, there are several individual concerns about oat consumption.

So, individuals with gluten intolerance, especially those with celiac disease or gluten sensitive enteropathies are advised to consult their healthcare expert before trying any of the “gluten grains “including oats. This is because oats can easily be contaminated with gluten, as they are most likely to have been grown in fields near wheat and other gluten containing cereals. Also, contamination with gluten-containing wheat or rye can happen during processing. So always check the labels.

Oatmeal Recipes – healthful toppings to unleash the superpowers of oatmeal
Banana-Nut Oatmeal

Ingredients: Rolled oats, water, banana, chopped walnuts, cinnamon

A healthy dose of cinnamon can boost its flavour without added calories. Banana serves as a natural sweetener and additional fiber source, while nuts (walnuts, almond, peanut) are some healthy additions to any diet. The omega-3 fatty acid, fiber and protein will make you feel full and suppress your hungriness.

Other healthful toppings for oatmeal recipes

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