How To Gain Self-Confidence And Self-Esteem – Prepare Yourself For Success!

The importance of how you feel and consider yourself in society cannot be taken too lightly. A high sense of belief about yourself, your identity, what you do, your strength and most importantly the way you love yourself are significant values that individuals regularly miss or have too little of in today’s busy society.

So if you’re experiencing low self-esteem or lack self-confidence and would like to triumph over this rocky side of life, then here are some helpful insights to motivate and improve your self-confidence in less than a week.


Many a time we get lost in the worries and troubles that life brings to the extent that we somehow give up our self-worth. If you are in such a situation, bear with me as it is clearly visible that you’re not the only one. Even celebrities, rich or successful people face their own hurdles in life. The most important thing is how you bounce back and triumph over such a low point in your life. The lesson learnt and how you could use the experience to elevate your life to the next level is the key here.

There are several ways you could lose your feeling of self-worth regardless of how trivial it could get. So, regardless of what happens, we should always try not to lose our self-esteem. Isn’t it so? Therefore, let's have a look at what it takes for you to stand out from the rest and be your true self in times of difficulty?

Self-confidence and self-esteem - Are they the same?

We often find it conflicting to understand the difference between self-confidence and self-esteem. Isn’t it so? In addition, people generally find it easier to manage their self-confidence than their self-esteem. So let’s try to point out the difference between the two and see how we can manage and integrate then into our busy lives.

To simply put, we can say self-confidence is “a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgement”, while self-esteem is having “confidence in one's own worth or abilities. It's like an emotional assessment of our own worth, it implies showing self-respect and appreciation for your abilities, talents, gifts etc.

So, how can you overcome a low self-esteem and boost your self confidence 
Know your life purpose

One way to stand out from the crowd is to know your life purpose(s). If you’re wandering through life with little or no direction hoping that you'll find true happiness, inner joy, compounded with health and wealth; then I’m very sorry to say your chances of achieving your true happiness, inner joy, health, and wealth is very small. My advice would be for you to identify and follow your life purpose(s), then all other wishes will come almost effortlessly. Because your life purpose is like your own unique life compass that will lead you to your true north in every situation.

This may appear to be tricky at first when you see yourself to be in a tight or even deadlock situation. But thanks to the universe, as there is always a way out. So, if you haven’t identified your life purpose, please read my article on how to recognise your life purpose.

Recognise your values

So what do you value most in life? I would suggest you write down ten things/experience your value in life, and then ask yourself among the ten you’ve written down which are the five you cannot compromise for anything in life. Those are your top five values. For instance, my top five values are; wealth, family, personal growth, health, and happiness. The benefits of knowing your values are that you define your goals around your values. So, I would recommend you review your goals for this year and ensure that they align with your top five values. This is a top secret to achieving massive success and wealth.

Follow your passion

If you understand yourself and try to follow what you truly enjoy doing in life, then I will guarantee you that obstacles like self-doubt or lack of enthusiasm will only slow you down, but will not wreck your chances to become the person you dreamt of being. If you can take one thing from this article, I would ask you to follow your passion. Because if you do what excites you, then your life will always attract the good things you wished for. You will always be happy and filled with the desire to do more because you enjoy doing whatever you’re passionate about. So, feel free to express yourself and respect the individuals who have inspired you to become the very person you desired to be.

Know your needs and always try to get them

To live a truly authentic life, you should try as hard as you could to meet your needs. It is very important to love and care for yourself. You cannot save the world if you’re not taking good care of yourself. Neglecting your needs can shield you from living a legitimate life. Do you have a need to be acknowledged, to be right, to be in control, to be loved? There are several people who lived their lives without experiencing their dreams and most of them end up living a life full of stress or even become depressed to a certain extent. So to help you live a life of meaning, write down your top ten needs and get them met before it's too late! Remember, there is no life after this

Fuel your inner man

Living a life from the inside out is the best you could possibly do for yourself because your body language and facial expression tend to project the feelings of your inner man. Remember Wallace D. Wattles quote A man's way of doing things is the direct result of the way he thinks about things. So always try to enhance the awareness of your inner wisdom by regularly reflecting in silence on the very best things in your life and also the very best things you want to achieve in life. Integrate meditation and creative visualisation into your daily life. Write down positive affirmations and try to recite them anytime negative thoughts show up in your mind. Don’t underestimate reciting affirmations, the process will surely pay off.

Recognise your achievements and show respect for your strengths

Acknowledge your successes, identify your positive qualities, your inner strength, and whatever exceptional abilities you possess. In this way, you will always have good things to look at in times of difficulties. Make a list of your achievements, this could be anything as small as learning a new recipe or taking your kids to the pack. Also, write down your strength, if you get stuck, ask a friend or family members to help you identify your strengths. Find ways to express your true self and create value through your strengths. You will always raise your self-worth when you share your success and what you know to others.

Serve others – find a way to do more for others

Become more valuable to others, always find a way to do more for others than anyone else does. Increase the quality of your life by serving others. If you really want to live an authentic life, you should always try to build up an interconnected feeling of being. When you are consistent with your identity, living your life purpose and sharing your gifts with others shouldn’t be a problem. The prizes for imparting your talents to others is for sure fulfilling, you will be achieving all your dreams and experience the beautiful moments you wished for in life if and only if you sincerely try to serve others. Please understand that trying to serve others does not mean you have to sacrifice yourself, but you will always try to provide value to other even if you have to ask for a fee. In fact, that’s another secret to success “the more people you help by creating value the more success or wealth you gather.

So to conclude, self-worth is indeed one kind of work that is self-justified despite all the challenges in life. You shouldn't generally be inside the borders of an office building, or perhaps in the four corners of your own room. Get out and make a difference. The difference usually exists within ourselves and how much we are willing to improve others. 

I hope this helps, and please leave a comment regarding your own perspective about self-esteem and self-confidence. Peace!​

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